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Protect & Report
Animal Protective Services

Lost & Found

Locate a missing pet

What to do

Members of our community can report their pet lost and/or found to the Humane Society of Cambria County. An owner should always be prepared in case their pet goes missing. All information about your pet will be documented. This includes their last known location, physical traits, and any other distinguishing characteristics. Also, please include if the animal is spayed/neutered, if they are microchipped, and if they are a licensed dog. ID tags, collars, and microchips help us to identify an animal and get your pet home!

If your pet goes missing, get your pet’s picture on social media quickly with your contact info. Make sure your post is public. Also share it with Lost and Found Pets of Cambria County and Somerset County.

​Call surrounding shelters to report your missing pet immediately so if someone brings the dog or cat in, the shelter can contact you.

​Call your local police’s non-emergency number. Someone may have called the police to tell them that they found the animal (which you should do if you find a dog or cat in case someone is looking for it).

​Go out and look for your pet! If your pet hears you, that might draw them in! However, don’t chase or run after it. He/she might think you are playing or it may scare the pet. You should crouch down or sit on the ground. Make sure to have some treats!

Please call the shelter directly to report your pet lost or found.

How to Post an Ad

The following information should be included in any lost or found pet posting:

  • Species
  • Breed
  • Gender (Altered or intact)
  • Pet’s name
  • Date and location last seen
  • Coloring, markings, or identifying features
  • Whether lost with a collar, harness, or microchip
  • Pet’s age
  • Pet’s demeanor
  • A clear, recent photo of the pet
  • Include any other information that may be useful

When a lost/found animal enters HSCC

Our staff:

  • Checks for any visible tags or licenses & scans for a microchip,
  • Checks our current list of lost & found descriptions,
  • Makes a special post on Facebook with a brief description and photograph, and
  • Places the animal on a 72-hour stray hold

Reclaiming Lost Pets

Proof of Ownership

All owners will be required to provide proof of ownership to reclaim their animal.

This includes:

  • Proof of purchase or adoption
  • Veterinarian records
  • Microchip registration in accordance with our reader, or
  • License registration

HSCC reserves the right to request multiple forms of ownership if evidence is weak or misleading on the provided paperwork. Photos are NOT accepted as sole proof of ownership, but do help instances where multiple forms of ownership is requested.

Animals in HSCC’s care MAY require some or all the following to reclaim:

Reclaim Fee:
$25 flat fee

Boarding Fee:
A $10 per day boarding fee is charged when the animal enters the property.  Boarding charges are charged at 12:01AM daily excluding Saturday at 12:01AM and Sunday at 12:01AM.

$50 per animal is charged to cover incoming vetting that is provided to keep all animals at the shelter healthy. This fee helps cover the costs of core vaccines and testing.

A $15 fee will apply to all animals not already microchipped, to cover chipping.

Veterinary Fees:
Cost of any emergency veterinary care provided while at HSCC will need to be paid prior to the animal being reclaimed.

Care Provided:
All animals that enter HSCC will receive food, housing, daily care and socialization.

For spayed/neutered animals:
1st impoundment: Free pass if proof of spay/neuter & current rabies vaccine is provided
2nd impoundment in any rolling 12-month period: $25
3rd impoundment in any rolling 12-month period:  $50
After the 3rd impoundment fees will continue to increase in $25 increments from the previous charge and additional steps will be taken to ensure the health & safety of the animal, which may include a criminal and/or civil investigation.

 For intact animals:
1st impoundment: $50
2nd impoundment in any rolling 12-month period: $100

For each impoundment after the 2nd in any rolling 12-month period, fees will increase in $50 increments from the previous charge and additional steps will be taken to ensure the health & safety of the animal, which may include a criminal and/or civil investigation.

These charges apply to any animal held at HSCC, whether brought in by Animal Control or found by an individual.

The owner of the animal is the only person who shall claim any impounded animal, unless prior arrangements have been made.  A driver’s license or other ID will be required and a form must be completed.  Proof of ownership in the form of microchip, veterinarian records or current dog license must be provided upon request.  We will not identify animals over the phone.

If no proof of ownership can be obtained and the stray hold time has expired, ownership will be transferred to HSCC and the animal must be adopted through the normal adoption process, which includes turning in an application, having the application approved and paying the adoption fee.

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