Sydney Helsel began volunteering with the Humane Society of Cambria County as a requirement to perform service hours with her high school. She quickly fell in love with the chance to help the animals at our shelter, and decided to continue volunteering following graduation. Seeing the happy tail wags, Sydney knew she was making a difference. She spends her time making our shelter animals feel loved. She especially does well working with our shelter dogs. Sydney walks our dogs, participates in pack walks, and takes our adoptable animals out into the community to help them find a second chance. She enjoys the opportunity to show our shelter animals that have come from a bad background that there are people who deeply care about them and people who want to give them the best life possible. And, although seeing an animal get adopted can be a bittersweet experience, Sydney is filled with happiness knowing they are on their way to living the good life that they have always deserved. Outside of the shelter, Sydney works in retail and is pursuing a career in graphic design. She currently has a beta fish, Simon, and two snails, Bonnie and Clyde. For now, she gets her dog fix in while she volunteers. She enjoys hiking, visiting family and friends, and crafting in her free time. Sydney treasures her time spent at the shelter. And, even on her worst day, our shelter animals turn her day around. But, it is truly Sydney that makes their day! She helps these animals to decompress and to be themselves! She helps these animals to show off their true personalities and to find their furever homes! Our shelter residents are so extremely lucky to have someone like you! Thank you, Sydney, for the difference you make!

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