At 8 weeks old in September of 2015, little Sophia’s fluffy kitten face was being shared around Facebook. Her purrfect mommy instantly fell in love, and applied to adopt her! They were a match, and Sophia left the shelter to start a new life at her furever home. Immediately, her new parents noticed that something wasn’t right with their sweet bundle of fluff. Sophia wanted to be held constantly, and if not held she would become lethargic. Her parents took her to the vet and learned she weighed a mere two pounds. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection, a very common diagnosis for cats coming from a shelter environment. Scared for their little girl, her parents made sure to take great care of her! Her eyes remained infected for months and she struggled to walk up and down stairs. Her parents began to realize that Sophia Loren was a kitty with very special needs. Everyday they learned more about her conditions and adjusted their lives to make Sophia’s life better. At one time, Sophia was seeing a veterinarian on a weekly basis, and even visited a specialist in Monroeville. She underwent x-rays and various tests. Although Sophia was never diagnosed, her parents learned that she was indeed a happy cat and not in pain or suffering. She now visits the veterinarian for her regular annual check up and takes prednisone twice a day. To date she only weights four pounds, has never jumped, has a hard time walking on non-carpeted flooring, has difficulty eating certain foods, and has lost movement in one of her paws. Through this journey, Sophia Loren has become a permanent fixture not only in her new home but also in her parents’ hearts. In the summer time, she spends her time sunbathing on the deck, and, in the winter time, she lies between two space heaters. Sophia enjoys hanging out in her pink stroller! She has her very own set up in the living room on the main floor. And, at night, she is carried up the steps to bed. When mom and dad go out of town, she takes turns spending the night with each of her grandmas. Sophia is adored by all house guests and deeply loved by her family! Sophia Loren has completely changed her parents’ life. There has been ups. And, there has been downs. But, they have never let Sophia’s special needs define her, her life, or their life. And, in the end, it was all worth it.