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Animal Protective Services

Animal Control

The Humane Society of Cambria County strives to provide humane and ethical animal control services.

HSCC Animal Control

All of the HSCC staff is trained to be on duty for Animal Control. This is a 24/7 on-call service for contracted areas within Cambria county. Animal Control helps locate and rescue domesticated (dogs & cats) animals within these contracted areas. The goal of Animal Control is to serve our community, keep animals safe, and return pets to their owners.

Animals captured by our animal control officers will be relocated to the shelter. Intake of an animal shall be at the discretion of the HSCC when shelter space is available. If no space is available, an Animal Control officer can still assist in scanning the animal for a microchip, providing food, and other resources.

In an attempt to reunite all animals with their owners, they will be checked for tags, licenses, and microchips – if none are located – animals will be held for 72 hours. If an owner does not come forward, the animal will be placed for adoption.

How to Help

Contact Us If You Find Abandoned Animals

Animal Control can only be dispatched by police through the non-emergency phone number. If you have found a stray animal please contact 814-472-2100

If you spot a stray animal, do not put yourself in danger to rescue it. You will not be able to help it if you injure yourself in the process. Safety first!

A strange, frightened, and possibly sick or injured animal can behave unpredictably. If you feel uneasy about the situation contact authority immediately. If you attempt to approach the animal speak calmly and remain in

If safely possible, restrain the animal. Create a barrier or use a carrier, cardboard box, leash, piece of cloth, or length of rope to secure the animal. If the animal is not small enough to lodge itself under your car seat, attempt to lore the animal into your vehicle. Do NOT attempt to drive with an unsecured animal because they can become frantic and aggressive. Instead, contact authority once the animal is restrained.

If the stray animal has been safely secured in your vehicle, you may transport it to the HSCC. If you plan to take the animal to a veterinarian for medical treatment or to hold the animal at your residence, please notify authority of the found animal.

Reclaiming Lost Pets​

All owners will be required to provide proof of ownership to reclaim their animal.

​HSCC reserves the right to request multiple forms of ownership if evidence is weak or misleading on the provided paper work. Photos are NOT accepted as sole proof of ownership, but do help instances where multiple forms of ownership is requested.


We currently hold contracts with:

The City of Johnstown

Upper Yoder Township

Stonycreek Township

Conemaugh Township


East Taylor Township

Lower Yoder Township

Dale Borough

East Conemaugh Borough

Geistown Borough

Richland Township

Northern Cambria

Nanty Glo

If you would like to obtain Animal Control Services in your municipality please contact the shelter at:

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